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I am so happy to announce that I am now taking on bookings for modern boudoir shoots

It has always been a dream of mine to photograph women in their most vulnerable self and empower them with my lighting technique and posing knowledge I have learnt over the years. Boudoir requires different posing than a usual beauty portraiture but I am excited to include this genre into my repertoire with a modern, fashionique (is there such word?) twist.

Bianca, the owner of Amador Yoga is a very dear friend of mine, and since she became a business owner, it was no brainer that we wanted to collaborate. She loves my work, and I love her studio and style. So this is how this idea came to its fruition. As a start we are only doing a once a month shoot (last Sunday of each month) at her yoga studio. I invite you to check it out, meet us and take advantage of the complimentary consultation over there. By appointment only!



Frequently asked questions

  1. [ Q ]: Why at Amador Yoga?

    [ A ]; The answer is simple. I mostly use natural light for my boudoir shoots, to play with the women’s form via shadows and highlights. Since I am going for the minimal look, mostly black and white, I don’t need many props, max a chair and a white sheet. I want this to be about you and not the surrounding props. At the moment the yoga studio seems like a perfect place, which can be found in downtown Jackson. So it’s a win win: it’s close to everyone and the light is just too yummy there.

  2. [ Q ]: Will I get a little makeup and hair?

    [ A ]: Yes, doll. My professional hair and makeup lady will give you a little updo, however we will keep it as natural as possible unless otherwise required. She has 12 years of experience, and her personality will just win you over in a heartbeat.

  3. [ Q ]: What if i don’t look like a model?

    [ A ]: Perfect!! This is exactly what I want you to not look like. An everyday woman who would just want to look and feel fabulous and sexy for a day and get a kickass confidence booster for the rest of her life…or well…we might need to do a second session at some point in the next few years just to keep the confidence at its highest..What ya say? I will direct you every step of the way, from helping you to prepare for your photo shoot with wardrobe tips, to posing every inch of you, to coaching your moves through the session. You just need to show up and give me all your TRUST!

  4. [ Q ]: What if I’m too old?

    [ A]: What if I say to you that every woman regardless of age, size, color or whatever it is deserves to look and feel beautiful and empowered? Documenting women throughout their lives on special occasions, milestones or simply just ‘because’ is what I loooove doing..All I need you is to trust me that with the right posing and lighting, I can capture the most beautiful images you have ever seen of yourself. It does not have to be ‘sexy’ , but it can look ‘sexy’ by being modest and artistic.

  5. [ Q]: Can I just be my ‘raw’ self without the fuss?

    [ A]: Absolutely. However we apply very natural makeup to begin with and a little mascara can go a long way. You get to be photographed the way you want to. I love love love the raw form of a woman so if you feel that is how you want to be photographed, just let me know when you fill out the application form. The cost will still be the same as when I have a makeup artist on set.

  6. [ Q ]: Do I have to be know..’nude’?

    [ A ]: I absolutely don’t make anyone take off anything, it is totally up to you how dressed or undressed you want to be on your photos. You never know how much fun you are going to have though, and You might just want to sneak in a couple of ‘those’ shots. If you are more of a reserved type, then I would suggest you to start with a general portrait session (not a boudoir) to get the feel of the camera and see what transformation that brings to your life. You can always come back for the second round and be a bit more adventurous…It’s totally up to you…

  7. [ Q ]: How much editing involved and do you edit yourself?

    [ A ]: I edit all your images myself, and their privacy is important to me. I have learnt over the years what it is what women don’t like about themselves and want to avoid. Although I like to keep my ‘Photoshop’ usage to its minimal, I can assure you that your skin would look at it’s best with my lighting and posing technique to minimize those ‘problematic’ areas. The minimal edit includes color correction, contrast, sharpening and any unwanted blemishes/ skin flaws, as well as under eye circles, highlighting the best features. But what about the stretch marks? Well ladies, most of us all have them! I make sure that with my editing technique most of your worries will not be seen. I also prefer keeping permanent things (such as moles) and that includes tattoos as well. If you want any extra editing after seeing your standard edited photos on your reveal appointment, I can give you a quote on an image by image basis. If it requires outsourcing that I will require your permission to do so before I send it to a third party. I don’t liquify or alter any body shapes. If you have curves I will teach you how to pose to look at your best and want to prove it to you that you ARE DAMN BEAUTIFUL and you would be proudly reminded every time you take out your images from your box or album or just by staring at your amazing wall portrait.

  8. : [ Q ]: How much is your session fee and what’s included in it?

    [ A ]: My boudoir experience starts from $350, which includes a complimentary yoga class in the morning of the shoot - Thanks Bianca! (to warm up those muscles), the photoshoot with Zita, professional hair and makeup application, the retouching of your images, the in-person photo viewing where you can order your favorite products and a 5x7’ matted print for the bedside table to surprise your loved one. ;)

  9. [ Q ]: What if I bring my friend?

    [ A ]: Fantastic! We often feel that our bestie is the one which knows how to calm our nerves down. If you decide to come with your friend for the shoot to have a double session, then you would only need to pay $500 for the both of you. That is a double professional makeup and hairdo, and while one is getting her photo taken, the other one can be in the makeup chair or getting changed. If you just want to come with a friend as a support but no photos for her, then I would ask that the friend not interfere with the photoshoot (with taking cell shots and asks you to look that way, or run in to do any touchup or direct you with posing etc. ) I will handle everything with my hair and makeup lady. I do not allow more than one friend with you though. I also cannot allow boyfriends/husbands/spouses in the studio while we are shooting. That might change over time, but as a start this I am strict about!  

  10. [ Q ]: What should I wear?

    [ A ] : I don’t need you to go all out about shopping. Everything you could possible need is already in your wardrobe at home. You can feel ‘sexy’ in a bodysuit, in a huge sweater (maybe from hubby?) , a sweatshirt, robe, sleep shirt, I can make you look the hottest with a single white flat sheet. ;) You can also find some lingerie suggestions (if it suits you better) here, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page. If you feel like doing a ‘nude’ set on your shoot, that is also absolutely possible. You don’t need to worry too much about wardrobe. I can make you look your hottest in the simplest minimal things.

  11. [ Q ]: How should I prepare for my shoot?

    [ A ]: After the booking has been made, I will email and give you information about preparation. This will cover exactly how you should prepare your face, body, and mind for your photo shoot, as well as beauty appointments and more extended wardrobe for your shoot.

  12. [ Q ]: How long does the shoot take and which days do you shoot?

    [ A ]: As of now, since I am starting to add this genre to my repertoire I only offer these shoots the last Sundays of each month. There is a complimentary slow flow yoga offered by Bianca, the owner of Amador Yoga in the morning of the day of. If you feel like you don’t need to ‘unrust’ your muscles, then you need to show up no later than 12.15 at the Yoga studio, where my hair and makeup artist and myself will be waiting for you. Aiming to a 1-1.30pm start, your shoot could take up to 2-3 hrs from there,

  13. [ Q ]: Do I get the digital file?

    [ A ]: Absolutely. The corresponding digital files are complimentary along with the print purchase and sizing varies of what product and print size you purchase. So if you want the 5x7’ matted prints, you will get the 5x7’ sized digital file. In my Black Label collection, you will get the full resolution images on a crystal USB drive. You do get printing rights along with the digital files as well. The digital files also come with the album’s selected images in a websize format. You also have the option to get the personalized mobile app.

  14. [ Q ]: If i want to gift these images, what products do you suggest?

    [ A ]: I love the FOLIO BOXES I offer to my ‘regular’ clients, but ALBUMS and WALL ARTS are a good fit for this genre. Albums are the best way to display a good amount of images on your coffee table (if you are adventurous), or bedside table (or hide them in the drawer..), I do highly recommend a big piece of wall art in your bedroom, or living room (again, if you are adventurous) , master bathroom, or in your walk in closet as a daily reminder how BADASS you look. All of these are great gift ideas.

  15. [ Q ]: What if I want my hubby/boyfriend/ spouse/ bridesmaids/friends/family etc to gift the session to me?

    [ A ]: Perfect idea! You can absolutely let them know that I sell gift cards as well, and all they need to do is check the Gift Card tab on my site, and everything is straightforward from there. I have gift cards as low as $50 and as high as $500, which could cover the session fee and the leftover could be used for further products. It is a great wedding present if you are thinking of surprising your future soulmate with an album or even just some prints. (Planning ahead is essential in this case due to the availability of these sessions. However if in really of a need, please contact me at and we can work out different timing of your shoot.)

  16. [ Q ]: How can I be sure that my images will never see the light of their lives?

    [ A ]: Although I do appreciate if I can share some of your modest images on my social media I can TOTALLY understand if you don't want your images shared with the public!  I 100% assure you that your images will NEVER be shared without your permission. I retouch your images myself, I don’t outsource the editing of your images to an editing company, risking that they can get stolen. You will see them on the day in person when you come back for your photo viewing session. If you are not available (coming from out of town) to come back and see your images in person, I will arrange other long distance viewing that is still completely safe. If you are super cool and awesome and you permit me to use your images on my social media, your real name will NEVER be used and you won’t ever be tagged on Facebook/Instagram.

  17. [ Q ]: What are your packages and how much should I be thinking of spending?

    [ A ]: I offer my usual folio boxes but boudoir tend to be more of an album kinda deal…My 10 5x7” matted image folio box pricing is starting from $995 with the exact sized digital images. The more images you select the better value you get. My albums start from $800 with the corresponding sized digitals. The spending is up to you, but the average spending is around $2000. But you do not need to worry about this until your viewing appointment. That is the time when we actually talk about products and what is it what you really drawn to or a MUST have. :) We go through your images together and you make a selection. If you pay in full on the day of your viewing and ordering, you get $100 off of the total. BUT there is more!!!! I HAVE AN AMAZING REFERRAL program, which can totally get you credit towards any album or product. PLEASE ASK how it works.

    For the full package pricing and to see what product offerings are available at your photo reveal session, be sure to email

  18. [ Q ]: Do I have option to do payment plan?

    [ A ]: I totally get that my pricing is higher in the area than normal. I understand that it is not for everyone…BUT yes, I do offer payment plans, and the coolest new trend is Square offers their own installments, where you can apply ahead of time to see if you can approve. You can read more about this here. If it’s a no go, then you can do payments directly to me too monthly . I do require 30% downpayment, and if you choose to go this route then absolutely NO product until everything is paid in full. With Square installments, you get your product sooner.

  19. [ Q ]: What is your turnaround time?

    [ A ]: It depends. If you want the folio box that can be up to 5 weeks as it comes from Italy or Ireland depending on the type. Albums turnaround times around a 1-2 week mark. Any large wall portrait can also take up to 5 weeks. So if it’s going to be a gift, make sure that you book your session about 3-4 months ahead of time.

    If you have any other questions I might have forgotten to mention, please email me with any of your concerns and I will get back to you ASAP.


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“My recent boudoir shoot with Zita was everything I could have hoped for and more. I was so nervous and had no idea what to do. Zita made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and in front of the camera right from the start. We shared so many laughs and she was really amazing at showing me with her own body what she was asking me to do rather than just telling me.... which really helped me as I was very unsure on how to stand, hold my hands etc. I highly recommend doing a boudoir shoot with will be be so happy you did.”




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